Does every member of your company know about the products or services that you sell? If the answer is ‘probably’, then why not use video for your next team building event.

Team building – creating a commercial video

We provide the training, the cameras and the editing expertise at the end of the event. Your staff take the cameras and create their own commercial video about your company or a particular product or service delivered by your company.

We will then take about 3 hours (or whilst you are having a staff dinner) to edit and produce the videos so they can be screened the same day. Best video wins!

Team building – the concept video

You may decide that rather than making a commercial, your staff will take a video camera and work in teams to create a video about a particular theme such as travel or the local area or to come up with the concept for a training video.

Team building videos work

They work well because: 1) the group has to work as a team 2) each group will have a great time, filled with laughter, creativity and ideas 3) they learn about each other and the subject they are filming.

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